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Public engagement exercise for Kai Tak Sports Park

A public engagement exercise for the Kai Tak Sports Park has launched on May 20 to provide information on the planning of the project and collect public views about the Sports Park. The engagement exercise includes the launch of a dedicated project website, roving exhibitions in various locations across the territory, a questionnaire survey and consultations with the District Councils concerned. The exercise will end on July 19.

Interested members may refer to the website of the project at www.KaiTakSportsPark.hk for more information and are encouraged to take this opportunity to express your views by completing a questionnnarie on the Sports Park’s website

No Disc Brake for Road Race

Dear Member:

According to UCI Latest update, disc brake is not allowed in road race. Please refer to the information below for update.


蓮塘/香園圍口岸土地平整及基礎建設工程 (2016年4月底至7月)

Hong Kong Road Cycling Race - Series 3 Po Kong Village Road Park is aborted

Hong Kong Road Cycling Race - Series 3 Po Kong Village Road Park on 10th April 2016 is aborted due to the heavy rain, the entry fee is non-refundable. Thank you for your attention.