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Hong Kong Future Cyclists Race - Series 1 (Cross Country)

Date : 2021-11-28 (SUN)

Time : 10:30-18:00

Venue : Hong Kong Jockey Club International BMX Par

Application Form (Individual / Team) / Online Application / Measure for COVID-19 (IMPORTANT)

Rules & Regulations (IMPORTANT, Revised on 22/11/2021)Startsheet / Estimated Race Schedule / Race Route / Results

Deadline : 2021-11-18   18:00

Applicant must be a registered member of the Association who paid the insurance fee for 2021-22 racing season.

**All entrants (Including participants, parents, coaches, guardians, commissaires or officials) can either Undergo COVID-19 PCR Test 72 hours (25th – 27th November) prior to events OR Produce a record of second dose vaccination has been completed with not less than 14 days upon entry.

**Athletes who will self-arrange for the COVID-19 testing should attend the testing (Testing cost will be responsible by the athlete) at any of the Government recognized testing facilities or community centres between 3rd-5th November. Please ensure the negative test result proof will be available on or before 6th November. Athletes MUST present their negative test result or a record of second dose vaccination proof to collect their Handlebar no. and Number Bib. Failed to present the valid result will be forbidden to participate in the race.

**All Athletes, Officials and personnel will be required to fill-in and submit the health declaration form when entering BMXP.

**All entrants should take note and follow the instructions or regulations posted in BMXP

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